I noticed in the general settings there's not an option to change to your correct time zone, so when you're trying to keep a steady log of daily writing, there's not way to adjust so that it sticks with your personal time-zone.
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The spell check is not working
Since almost everyone has an iOS or Android capable device, there definitely should be an app for each OS. It would definitely be very convenient to be able to open an app and quickly start working on a document, instead of having to use a laptop or computer which isn't always accessible.
I have trouble with scrolling down on safari on my iPad and it takes a long time so Iggest maybe a scrolling bar (I'm not sure what they are called).
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Tells you what percent of your writing is quoted.
It would be a good thought to give writers an idea on whether their works have a positive or negative sentiment, and I can seem to find a good one online.
It should be nice to have an option on the site to have the special character, those which are not on the keyboard.
Because all of us have experienced the embarrassment of typing the same word twice in a row by accident.
This way you could give an educated guess of what are the most important keywords using a modern approach that is also used by search engines.

It also is more likely to catch the intuitively meaningful words of a text: We all know, that some words are more common than others. While having a hard cu [...] See More
It would be nice to have the possibility of exporting a complete list of words used with their count usage.
Like make a chrome app that can be used offline and/or a windows and mac version.
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make it possible to download the word counter reports as a text file instead of a PDF or image
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Having a highlighter would be really helpful. I often want to highlight some of my writing to remind me to come back and double check a reference OR to reword the content. Having the option to highlight easily would be very helpful.
Why don’t you have this feature available in different languages?? That will make WordCounter.net increase to the whole world :-) !!
Being able to ignore punctuation marks would be great, when alphabetizing a text.
As a student I generally have to write papers with a minimum and maximum word count. I am currently working on a paper that has a wordcount of 3000-5000. It would be nice to be able to set both goals so I can keep track of my minimum and maximum word count
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I think it would be great if we could get a word cloud what we're writing in WordCounter