Being able to ignore punctuation marks would be great, when alphabetizing a text.
Author Thumb Acm shared this idea   21 Jun, 2016

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Author Thumb Jeffrey updated status to Under Review   22 Jun, 2016
Author Thumb Jeffrey commented.   22 Jun, 2016
Thank you for the more detailed explanation. Much appreciated. I'll need to think a bit more about it if this can be implemented without causing unexpected issues. Thank you for the suggestion!
Author Thumb Acm commented.   21 Jun, 2016
For example, in a list of songs there was an artist called 'D-Shake'. And instead of putting it between other artists starting with 'Ds', it was put at the very beginning of the list of artist names starting with 'D'. Another problem: Artists like R. Kelly and G. Love. One letter + a dot right after that letter results in an incorrect way of alphabetizing.
Author Thumb Jeffrey commented.   21 Jun, 2016
Can you give an example? I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish which makes it difficult to know what exactly you want...

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