It would be a good thought to give writers an idea on whether their works have a positive or negative sentiment, and I can seem to find a good one online.
Author Thumb Stone shared this idea   13 Jan, 2017

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Author Thumb Jeffrey updated status to Under Review   19 Jan, 2017
Author Thumb Stone commented.   19 Jan, 2017
I do not, but this article may give you an idea.
Author Thumb Jeffrey commented.   18 Jan, 2017
Do you have links to some of these algorithms? I'd like to check them out to see if they can be implemented without causing too much of a slowdown to the tool.
Author Thumb Stone commented.   18 Jan, 2017
It is usually measured on a scale from -2 to 2 including decimals, -2 being the most negative, 2 being the most positive and neutral being around -.05 to .22, depending on the algorithm used. This is based on the key words surrounding themes, topics, and entities in the writing.
Author Thumb Jeffrey commented.   17 Jan, 2017
How would this be measured?

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