Like make a chrome app that can be used offline and/or a windows and mac version.
Author Thumb JAMES shared this idea   27 Oct, 2016

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Author Thumb admin Nate commented.   21 Jan, 2017
Hi James, you mind making a separate suggestion for those? Thanks
Author Thumb JAMES commented.   21 Jan, 2017
Also maybe a google docs addon.
Author Thumb JAMES commented.   21 Jan, 2017
You also might want to update the google chrome extension it is a little outdated.
Author Thumb Paolo commented.   16 Jan, 2017
It would be lovely if you could remake the offline version!
Author Thumb admin Nate updated status to Started   18 Nov, 2016
Author Thumb Jeffrey commented.   27 Oct, 2016
We had an app but there wasn't a lot of interest at the time (we were much smaller then) It might be time to create one again.
Author Thumb Jeffrey updated status to Under Review   27 Oct, 2016

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