Why don’t you have this feature available in different languages?? That will make WordCounter.net increase to the whole world :-) !!
Author Thumb Justin shared this idea   25 Jul, 2016

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Author Thumb JAMES commented.   28 Oct, 2016
Could you just use Google to translate with permission from Google.
Author Thumb admin Nate commented.   11 Sep, 2016
Next step was actual translation of text and offering a language dropdown in the Options -> General tab. We now have Armenian and English translations. Anyone want to help translate other languages?
Author Thumb admin Nate commented.   07 Sep, 2016
First step we took towards this is offering date and time formatting options on the Options -> General page.

Author Thumb admin Nate updated status to Started   07 Sep, 2016
Author Thumb Jeffrey updated status to Under Review   29 Aug, 2016

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